Student Testimonials

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the work that you do.  My husband and I are at different ends of rearing children (him strict southern military and me completely the other way).  Tae Kwon Do has taught my husband that he does not have to demand respect that it can be earned and given with consistency.  I am learning that it is ok to expect more than I was expecting out of Rowdy when it comes to behavior.

 We incorporate the lessons learned in class in our lives and the respect that Rowdy now shows is AMAZING.  We were very concerned about school and how he was going to handle it because he is very bright but WOULD NOT listen.  Since attending your classes, he loves school and I get nothing but good feedback from his teacher.  I attribute this to the structure he is learning in your class.  I know he holds a great deal of respect for you and this is easily flowing over to respect for others.  Rowdy continually asks for permission, says thank you and repeats other things he has learned in class.  Like "our brain shrinking" when we say we can't and it growing when we keep trying.   I know I am kind of gushing on and I know I am not adequately stating the changes we have seen in him but mostly I just want to say thank you for sharing your love of Tae Kwon Do and for being a wonderful example to my son.  Gratitude does not seem sufficient but it is what I have to offer.

 Thank you Very Much

Brandi, Rikki, Donnie, Tigger and Tuffy Warren

P.S. Tigger and Tuffy are the dogs but he is nicer to them now too so they are thankful

"Tae Kwon Do has been a wonderful activity for our whole family. It's something that we can do together and can achieve advancements no matter our ages. Our daughter, Lindsey, has lost 32 pounds so far while attending classes. Kaiden, our son, loves to go to class up to six times per week and loves the forms, kicking combinations and one step sparring. He is half way to his black belt. It has been exciting for us as parents to watch their advancements and see their self esteem grow. My husband and I have better health and can see the improvement in our strength and flexibility. Participating in Tae Kwon Do at Kim's Academy in Roy is like being part of a great big family."

-The Nielsen Family


"Because of Kims Academy of Roy and a diet change I have lost 75 lbs and have shrunk 8 pants sizes. Plus I am able to do this with my family, which strengthen the family bonds."
-Kaleb Albee

"Taking Taekwondo at Kim’s Academy has been a fantastic experience for our family! My sons have learned respect, hard work, discipline, mental and physical strength and are working hard to set goals in all areas of life. I had no idea we would gain so much from participating.  It has also been a great family togetherness activity. I love going to class with my kids. It gives us something positive to do together so we are creating bonds at a time when other kids are looking for ways to get away from their parents.  Head Instructor Shawn Hugh personally helps each student achieve, learn and grow. We would never go anywhere else!”

  – Jodi and the Brown Family

Master Hugh...Brandon and I wanted to tell you what a difference you have made in Paige's life. She has struggled to be successful at anything. You have given her an environment where she feels like she can succeed. She loves Tae Kwon Do. Paige has Aspergers and has struggled a lot in life. She feels accepted, and like she is important when she comes to your class. We cannot thank you enough as parents for the job you do. I don't think you realize the difference you are making in these young childrens' lives. Thank you!!!!!

- The Murdock Family