About the Academy

Family & Adult Programs

At Kim’s Academy of Roy we believe that developing and maintaining a sound body and mind are critical to getting the most out of life.
Our programs are designed to develop and strengthen the unity of the family. When individuals work together as a team their individual talents will naturally improve. Our programs help to create a strong family bond by instilling a life-long loyalty. The whole family can learn to live up to their full potential. PARENTS ARE NOW FREE with their children.

"Families that Kick Together – Stick Together!"

You will find that the breathing and concentration exercises sharpen your senses and reflexes while allowing you to relax from the stress of daily life. This unique combination of using the power of the body and of the mind is the key to increased energy, self-discipline, and fitness for a longer happier life. These qualities are essential in recognizing and handling self-defense situations, as well as mental stress.

To strengthen your body, you will begin with isometric and dynamic tension exercises. Flexibility will be enhanced through a gradual building process of safe and easy stretching techniques.



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"Building Strong Bodies & Strong Minds"

The journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step…
your personal journey today at Kim’s Academy of Roy!

Our Mission

Kim’s Academy of Roy is a Family Business. We highly motivate & dedicate students to the development of character and inner peace characterized by a great martial artist. We focus on quality instruction and personal attention to all our students.

When you enroll your children at Kim’s Academy of Roy, you can feel safe in the knowledge that they will be receiving the finest instruction available. In today’s world, more than ever your child needs positive values and self-discipline to succeed.

Kim’s Academy of Roy is "a model of excellence”"

… in approach, in service and in the results attained. This is the KIM’S ACADEMY way. Kim’s Academy is the finest group of professional martial arts schools in Utah. Founded on the principles of teaching excellence, personal attention and tradition, we provide you with the most complete and effective methods to reach your full potential.

"Kim’s Academy is fun for my whole family!" –Linda Foster – Mother and Student


Our Little Tigers Program is specifically designed for the needs of your 4, 5, or 6 year old. Our awesome children’s programs not only works with your child’s coordination, muscle memory, and fine motor skills, but also focuses on the less obvious but perhaps more important factors such as Self-esteem, Self-discipline, Respect and Life skills. None of this would be possible if your child wasn’t having fun in class.
That’s why our instructors use positive reinforcement. This unique teaching system focuses more on the ability of your child instead of the things that they’re not doing well. In turn, that makes for a fun and exciting learning environment.

“The Little Tigers program has been great for our children!” 


Our unique Martial Arts programs will teach your child a series of physical skills that will quickly translate into a feeling of confidence and higher grades. Add to all of this a more positive attitude, acceptance of responsibility and leadership skills and you can see why so many parents feel that the Martial Arts is the best investment they have ever made for their children. The most powerful gift you can give your child is positive self-esteem.

It empowers your child to achieve in all areas of life, from the school room to the playground. Our carefully structured Martial Arts program is geared to bring out the best in your child. Through an exciting program of self-defense, fitness and fun, your child will be equipped with the attributes of success, including self esteem, a positive attitude, increased concentration and self discipline.

"Kim’s Academy gives your child a head start in LIFE!"