About The Hugh Family


Master Shawn Hugh was born in Sacramento California in May 8, 1979. At age 6, He began to practice Taekwondo. By age 10, he earned his black belt. He continued to work in Taekwondo to earn his 1st and 2nd Dan black belt. At age 14 he was a Full-Instructor , with his own classes.  At 19, He put on hold the sport that loved so much, and left to Peru on a mission for the LDS church. He taught and helped the Peruvian people how to live their lives with principles similar to those practiced in Taekwondo. His life was greatly enriched by the experiences of two years of selfless service to those in need. When he returned to the United States, he longed to practice Taekwondo. Inspired by his master, Master Hugh decided to pursue a business degree that would help him open his first Taekwondo dojang. With this vision he moved to Utah in 2001. While attending the LDS Business College in January of 2002, he met his wife. Sara is from Peru and came to the United States to earn an education. She also served a mission for the LDS church. It was love at first sight and during Christmas time Sara and Shawn got married. Soon after that their family began to grow with the addition of their first son Jason, and then Jasmine. In 2006, Master Hugh had the pleasure to meet Grandmaster Kim. It was then that he was invited to train with Grandmaster. In 2007 Grandmaster challenge Mr. Hugh to earn his 3rd Dan black belt. With very little time to spare Mr. Hugh accepted and in two months he tested for his third degree. In April of 2008, Mr. Hugh’s Navy Chief suggested he should buy a house in Roy Utah, so he did. Not having found a job in Roy yet, Grandmaster Kim challenged him once more this time to open his own school of Taekwondo. On July 17th, 2008 his third child was born, Jocelyn, and on the 28th he opened the Roy Dojang offering classes to all ages! On August 28th , 2009 Justin Hugh was born. Jiselle was born January 17th, 2013. that's five total kids. And we have our new puppy ('J'6) (its never dull at the Hugh home)

Hobbies: Drawing, sculpting, woodworking, sports of all kinds (friendly & competitive), and Reading (favorite author is Orson Scott Card)

Favorite music: Classical ( Handel, Mozart, Chopin), Rock & Roll (especially the Beatles)

Favorite food: Any and all (I like to try new things and I LOVE good food!)

Favorite pass time: Spending time with my family

Favorite sport: That’s easy… Taekwondo!!! And then Biking, & Swimming (I used to play Water Polo), and Hiking in the mountains, 2015, 2016, & 2017  was my first XTerra off road triathlon and loved the challenge. 2018 Was my First Spartan Challenge

Languages Spoken Fluently: Spanish, ASL Sign Language, English (I'm getting better), I am learning Korean

 XTERRA Triatholon

2014 Family Photo

During the time in the US NAVY

Full afterburner on a F-16 Fighter Engine

Working out with some of the Legends!