Philosophies and Oaths


10 Philosophies of Tae Kwon Do

  1. Be LOYAL to your country sir, LOYAL Sir!------------------(High White Belt)
  2. Be OBEDIENT to your parent’s sir, OBEDIENT Sir!--------(High White Belt)
  3. Be LOVING to your family sir, LOVING Sir!----------------(High White Belt)
  4. Be COOPERATIVE with others sir, COOPERATION Sir!----(Yellow Belt)
  5. Be FAITHFUL to your friend’s sir, FAITHFUL Sir!---------- (Orange Belt)
  6. Be RESPECTFUL to your master sir, RESPECT Sir!-------- (Green Belt)
  7. Be HONEST in personal matters sir, HONESTY Sir! -------(Blue Belt)
  8. Show CONCERN to other’s sir, COMPASSION Sir!---------(Brown Belt)
  9. NEVER ATTACK without reason sir, MERCY Sir!----------- (High-Brown Belt)
  10. FINISH WHAT YOU START sir, Persistence Sir!----------- (Red Belt)

6 Tenets of Tae Kwon Do

All student’s, please have an example for each one

  1. Sir, Courtesy-------- (High White Belt) To be nice & respectful.
  2. Integrity------------- (Yellow Belt) To do the right thing when nobody is looking.
  3. Perseverance-------- (Orange Belt) To never give up (not say I Can't).
  4. Self-Control--------- (Green Belt) Mind over Body.
  5. Indomitable Spirit--- (Blue Belt) To be Brave & Courageous.
  6. Victory, Sir!--------- (Brown Belt) To win the right way & to lose the right way.

Student Oath

All Belts

  • Sir, I shall observe the tenets of TAE KWON DO,
  • I will never misuse TAE KWON DO,
  • I will respect my Juniors & Seniors,
  • I will be a champion of Freedom and Justice,
  • I will build a more Peaceful World, Sir!

*Little tigers need to learn one philosophy with each belt.


  1. To build true confidence through knowledgein the mind, honesty in the heart, and strength in the body, sir.
  2. To keep friendship with one another and build a strong and happy community, sir.
  3. Never fight to achieve a selfish end but develop might for right, sir.